The Walking Dead

by Lex Lingo



"the walking dead" is actually a newer take on an older song i did in 09 called "eaten alive". a lot of people I knew at the time were falling deep into crazier drugs and turning into fucking zombies right in front of me. "eaten alive" was more a metaphor of my own life where as I smoked weed and drank at the time I knew as all my close friends fell into drugs so eventually would I. I guess I knew I'm weak when it comes to the people im closest to. anyways I can look back on that entire time in my life with perspective now. I can see why I came out of it all with my soul intact, while so many people I knew did not. and that is what "the walking dead" is about. Its my survivors guide to the high road.


released December 20, 2015
produced By Dex Dingo



all rights reserved


Lex Lingo Seattle, Washington


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