Programmed (prod. by: JAY NYCE )

by Lex Lingo



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Verse 1:

It's like they lost respect, no they never had it/
fuck em all I'm right back at it/
duck em all and ignore that static/
most folks get trapped and thats tragic/
I've been on my grind since 2009/
since them nights that we were so thizzed out that we thought it would end in us dyin/
wasn't for lack of tryin though wildin out was my middle name/
I'd find a bitch she'd give me brain/
I'd find a swish and I'd hit some dank/
since yall was crankin soldier boys/
I've been with my soldiers boy/
working taking over boy/
city on my shoulders boy/
I'm going hard till I'm international/
yall frozen in time like a mastodon/
how was you expecting to last at all/
if you took the baton and you passed it off/
and one day Ima have my city on lock/
don't tell me what I can't do im walking tall, John Locke/
you're lost and you're looking it, it's my time and I said it/
I'm back in the lab and I'm cooking up something to finally get me some credit/
never forget it, I made my dreams attainable/
and all my dues been paid in full so you might as well/

Hook :

get with the program/
don't bother changing channels/
just set a new standard watch the game dismantle/
thats the program/
no there will not be a rerun/
I grind to the bone to achieve and get me some/
like I been programmed/
I'm unimpressed with you so Imma execute
That program
I'm unimpressed with you so Imma execute
That program
I'm unimpressed with you so Imma execute
That program like oh damn/
middle finger to the sky on both hands

Verse 2:
and you can talk shit boy you dont want a scrape/
your man got hands like a tyson heavyweight/
my band got a wagon and theres still a little space/
so come and take a spot before it's too late/
and if you at the bar, make them tittys shake/
if you in the car, go head and pump the breaks/
you feeling like a star, go head and eat your cake/
cuz we gon' see how far we go and how much we could make/
I'm back to workin I'm back to feeling like the man/
thats for certain so put them benjis in my hand/
pulled the curtain revealed the wizard was a man/
went and merked him now the mountain top is where I stand/
cuz I've slowed down, wised up/
stack chips and sip cups/
my old click they miss us/
but we stay about that that business/
I aint giving up I aint quitting/
aint shit changed but life been different now/
go ahead and snap that picture now you might as well/


Verse 3:

these cats blow like big noses/
no shutter click but they posing/
they spotted dick and they rode it/
still they gon claim they the coldest? no/
they quick to dropping that dime/
so i keep to me and mine/
when honesty is a crime/
I'll probably do some time again/
this space ship that im climbing in well it aint got much space/
balancing what I'm trying to give and knowing what its gonna take/
I'm gonna rake it in/
no matter what you gonna say/
and thats a big ol understatement understand I'm on my way/
I'm on my way and I'm way to cold to stop/
I'm fiending for old english still I'm young until I drop/
My formula, Thats walter white/
and I got the faith so Ima roll the dice/
and if my convictions never falter then Ima alter life/
altered beast, called to feast/
aint gonna watch you eat if I'm starving/
I'll take that meat that you're carving and make it mine/
in time/
didn't make that system I just hacked that code/
you process to slow/
you look like a hoe/


written by Alexander Lingo


released February 7, 2015
Produced By JAY NYCE



all rights reserved


Lex Lingo Seattle, Washington


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