Michelangelo Feat. Brainstorm of Dyme Def

by Lex Lingo



I lead the team like Leonardo
temper flares like Raphael
smart as fuck like Donatello
I party hard im fly as shell
im Michelangelo x12

Verse 1:
shredding these beats like i run the foot clan
bag of tricks like casey jones
done a ton of dirt but im still a good man
so i repent by getting crazy stoned
party every night, live a radical life
yeah im tryna live right but thinkin' take the deal
regardless how you feel, april wasnt real
now the grass grew high and theres snakes to kill
flow mutated like it's covered up in ooze
choose to get juiced aint got nuthin to prove
i like my women like i like my shoes
fly and exotic and in pairs of two
for the moment only confidence is propping me up
blunt got me shell shocked but im popular
so i told them i was sober when i know that i am already drunk
i aint goin till the damn things done


Verse 2
im high as fuck ill paint the ceiling
living life between works of art
sorry but i dont care about your feelings
go ahead play the martyr like joan of arc
had a couple drinks chiefing super green
we can barely see through the spell we under
i love her energy she wanna roll with me
so im riding that freak like COWABUNGA
weed got a funk like the bottom of the sewer
no strains im a connoisseur
sumthin strange like a dinosaur
covered up in feathers with mechanical arms
im shining like a diamond im in line to be the best
and ima grind like at any time i might be laid to rest
i think i know the reason you aint heard of lex
my album only dropped in dimension x


chillin with the homie lex lingo
smoking in the back of the shell raizer
bitch aint gettin my lingo
hit the switch on a bitch ill fail safe her
hoes love when i bebop
niggas know that i rock steady
got a 5th of whiskey and an ounce of kush
and a large piece so we stay ready
we aint really bout that talking
foot clan we stalk em
we still look good and you know we stay fly
you could call us baxter stockman
we chrome domes you know hard heads
give your april my hard head
in case you jones for the swipe
im taking that


released August 9, 2013
Produced By Lex Lingo
Intro by Bill Beats



all rights reserved


Lex Lingo Seattle, Washington


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