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by Lex Lingo

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This is the debut album from Lex Lingo featuring some great talent from the greater seattle area. enjoy.


released December 6, 2012

Lex Lingo would like to thank:
all of my family and friends for putting up with me through thick and thin this is a team effort and we have been doing it big for years. i would also like to that Jay, Billy, Bill Beats, Mr. Battle himself, Ripynt, and Shubzilla for their stellar contributions it wouldn't be the same record without you guys, and lastly but very importantly i would like to thank all the fans friends and foes alike without your continued support i wouldn't be able to keep on doing this and it is most appreciated



all rights reserved


Lex Lingo Seattle, Washington


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Track Name: Who is Lex Lingo?
Skeeter on The Beater!!! / Platinum Records

same old face...same old game
run against the grain with a brand new name
now they call me LEX LINGO....what?
they call me LEX LINGO.....who?
they call me LEX LINGO....huh?
they call me LEX LINGO and the story go

They say my live show rock like white and baking soda/
And my beats are sure to knock like they praying to Jehovah/
I don't bend the truth i'll take your chick and bend her over/
Got love for my people and more luck than a clover/
Ducking all the poachers/ Rupture their composure/
I was the poster boy for coasting by but now that time is over/
Closure for my demons i've appeased my biggest obstacles/
At last i've grasped a piece now it seems nothing is impossible/
Implausible for those with no stake in themselves/
It takes a kind to buy a dream 'cause anyone can sell/
And i shouldn't have to tell you that theres snakes in the grass/
Aint been to school since '05 but ill take you to class son/
Most the money that i make is dirty/
Girls are flirty call me daddy but i aint even thirty/
And i sure aint captain save a ho, theres no time/
But when i'm rolling in it deep man she don't mind/
They call me Lingo now/ Been already seen your style/
And they know when i step on the scene that the whole damn thing go down/
They're like bingo! he did it man/
He sings and he spit it fam/
And really in the end them critics talk but I don't give a damn!/
I got my homies and my family and a gang of herb/
Life lets the rhythm go i just sing the words/
The world's a canvass this is my sketch/
But all they wanna know is WHO IS LEX??
Track Name: Right Now
87 till infinity
lex lingo

verse 1:
put your hands to the mother fuckin sky if you tryna get
lit up in this bitch tonight
ripped up off that kryptonite
them haters they don't know what they been missing right?
trippin like they been wishing for a different life
vie been on the same grind since my momma shit me out her pussy
ima savage ima heathen bitch push me
where the kush be? its my only opponent
but i got sight beyond it like the sword of omens
your girl is doming on me like she from Tacoma
for the corner you're a gomer hoe ill put you in a coma
fucking up like homer so ill take her like i own her
only motivated by the green and im a greedy stoner
zoned out and im on a mission to the top
vie been grinding non stop
while you chumps party rock
sucking cock to get ahead that defeats the purpose
fuck the system its a circus man
half that shit is worthless
but i aint hatin yo im just coming for mine
and don't say i didn't warn you cuz you seen all the signs
yet im alien to you call me Alf im eating cats
yo bitches on my jock i gotta beat em back chiefin back
hella reefer creeper like a locker room peeper
you dug your grave and its only getting deeper
shooting for the stars and ima reach em
im out here planting seeds while you haters only lechers yeah

right now
ima grind to the bone till it bleeds
and ive found
that success is really all its bound to be
and im down
the questions are you down with me
yeah im down
but the questions are you down with me

verse 2:
ima beat killer without any conscience
i seek skrilla and the grinds constant
making deliveries and baking that bread
and no you aint a friend to me you're just another head
like mike taught me they don't care about us
they just want us vegging out with our ass couched up
dont slouch on the hustle or you'll be alone
real friends all gone and found lives all grown apart
but damn you're a part of the scene now
and a part of you died when your last tear streamed out
i guess they'll never hear you less you scream out
so fuck it ima tell em what i be bout

hook x2

verse 3:
westside till i die yeah Seattle what im boasting
roast a blunt and drive slow yeah i call it west coasting
i got the potion, i got the recipe
im still myself despite those who'd take the best of me
im at the starting line
but i aint waiting for no sign to go ho no i am charging mine
but i aint charging mine no ill be buying it
and if its party time know that im supplying it
im on defiant shit fuck the system yes im still reckless
and ill be running shit while you're still doing your stretches
its Lex bitch i cant say it enough
fuck paying shit forward no you better pay up
i play tough but i work harder
i dream big so ultimately i will go farther
forgive me father i think i threw a six
but im out here on a roll and im feeling like the shit right now

hook x2
Track Name: F.B.G. feat. Billy the Fridge and Bill Beats
she got a face that could probably stop traffic
the body of a goddess with the ass of a fat chick
its like magic i trap myself in it
david blaine make it rain then slap myself with it
y'all don't get it ill make it clear to you guys
onion booty when you cut it brings tears to your eyes
slappin that ass will add years to your lives
cheers to fat rears raise your beers to the skies
now ladies drop that ass to floor
work it like a nine to five and you're dirt poor
i want some more this dame is so dirty
gram this cracker marshmallow in that hershey
ya heard me just a sucker for badonkadonk
so back it up then dump it on me like a tonic truck
no doubt i wanna shout let it all hang out
the type of butt mix-a-lot rapped about

i see you having fun
we gon get it on
i think that she the one
baby got a booty look like it was drew for danger girl
quit playin see it rainin and get naked girl
you looking right with them thick thighs
quit playing innocent with them big eyes
she likes big guys i brought my homie billy
her friend was playing flirty all night so i fucked her silly
hit it from the back and got a round of applause
she made it clap ass so fat that i had to pause
bask in it i hit it passionate
cuz ima make it last with an ass like this
ooh she let it all hang out
she a goddess she's a queen no shadow of a doubt
thick girls make the world go round
cutie got her gluties right booty never burned out
shocked that its not photoshop back so tight
she don't know it yet but she gon take me home tonight
Track Name: Cash First
swagger on awkward, money like a lawfirm
chillin like ice cube, cold like a mobster
cracking like lobster, always get the last word
chicks come to my concert and leave with their panties backwards
fake it till you make it, fuck no im not an actor
live a grim fairy tale, write another chapter
i play the game but i looked up the passwords
i love fuckin off but i gotta make this cash first

verse 1:
yo they say i got a confident persona
but really i have always felt more like a loner
and though im going harder than a viagra boner
society would call me scum and label me a stoner
so its indica or sativa
i don't care as long as its some fire like fever
i put my feet up, i light my weed up
and when the p goes push then i re up
yeah i got caught up on some dumb shit
but that don't mean my nose is clean
now im just watching who i run with
ive always been the type to learn the hard way
no stranger to hard days
thats just how the cards play
and never trust anything even if the proof is plain
im batman but you think im only bruce wayne
theres been pain and laughs and poverty in my past sure
i love fuckin off but i gotta make this cash first


verse 2:
yeah im thinking dollars make sense
im tired of always fighting back up out this trench
eventually ima make a dent in all this
and all my biggest critics gone be like
"oop i called it" regardless
my kicks are high top know im looking fly
ill give your girl the cyclops better treat her right
lyrics like psy ops all up in your head
twisting like a spy plot and dropping like they're dead
i get suited then im cruising to my music
quick i move another unit im discreet aint on that goonin shit
wouldn't say im tycoonin but im known for a handoff
damn its crazy tryna get a brand off
yeah i live a real life sayin fuck the damn cost
like my hand and my wallet always in a standoff
plans off the rocker work until my last verse
yeah i love fuckin off but i gotta make this cash first

Track Name: Supergreen Vol. 2
im stupid fiending im mental oh
its super green like an emerald oh
we gonna get so high
come up and touch the sky with me

verse 1:
dro in the open man its like i won the lotto
now all the wash is foggy and big ups to colorado
yeah i smoke and i don't give a fuck what you think of me
give me a blunt or a bong or that tincture weed
and what i need is for all of y'all to quit your bitchin
this shit is legal now homie pass the swishers
hey don't be nervous would i lie to you?
i swear the pork out here smoke more than i do
and everybody got it because everybody grow
fuck you think i mean when i said my citys dope
i don't even got a lighter man i got a hemp rope
and the heads quit crack for that BHO
its perfect, im out here blazing
so the situation is get here quick cuz its rolled and im getting impatient oh

hook x2

verse 2:
so whats good to all the potheads they act like were a joke
they laughed and said that we were too stoned to vote. what? no.
they sent the ballot to my house you better come to grips
i checked yes and hit the blunt at my lips. biiiitch
call it gunther call it spuddy call it fez
split a half ounce blunt with only two heads
im smoking like your boy has dreads
i don't care if your impressed im not loaded for the cred
fuck the fed got a northwest state of mind
sober aint a way to die
get ur piece prepared cuz i readied mine
just get a fat rip then let it ride
its perfect, im out here blazing
so the situation is get here quick cuz its rolled and im getting impatient oh

hook x2

supergreen is the fifth element of hip hop
i dont choke
im a loc
you don't smoke
bitch stop
get it on gotta blow on the dro
kief in the piece and it creeps you know
get it on the low i got peeps that grow
and they never gonna let a homie live without a toke
no joke

hook x2
Track Name: Ring the Alarm feat. Shubzilla
ring the alarm we spitting out flames
this time is our so step out the frame
shitting on lames ring the alarm
yeah we getting on game so ring the alarm
ring the alarm

im on a rampage tryna catch a world tour stat
resuscitate the game and bring it back
you dropping wisdom well nobody feeling that
cuz hip hop is dead and im a necropheliac
so fuck it,
ima stack chips and roll evergreens
coming for the city the regime stuck settling
i dream of better things so i up the ante
im out here on the town like a vigilante
so drop them panties or drop the act
draped in black
coming for the cash cow cuz i got a steak in that
and ima take it back
then ima burn it down
go ahead and let me know how the sermon sounds when i


its on any given day that my wrath be massive
fuck being nice my aggression aint passive
streching my reach you could call it fantastic
got every girl and boy in this town on bad shit
ring the alarm thats a five alarm fire
love to the only woman daring to cypher
bitches don't see me well now they all will
gonna smash mother fuckers and the shrines they build
the book of shubzilla yeah the scribes have just begun
writing all my legends and were just on chapter one son
mamma shubzillas on the scene
gonna make me bonfires out these evergreen trees
rising out the sound and the beat drops hard
i fought the ballard troll and i left him hella scarred
so bring your phones out and tweet your fuckin friends
shubzillas fuckin landed and the world is gonna end
oh my god! better finish all your prayers
cuz when im done here there aint gonna be a later
force and fire like my name be darth vader
near the end of my meal better find me a waiter
monster ball so hard eating human caviar
sight of blood boiling rage shooting heavy arms
is it weird for you aye couldn't care less
keep your chicken head hoes out the way of my mess


random rambling and yelling as beat fades
Track Name: Afra!d of Me
they afraid of me
they get one look at my face
and they afraid of me
they think im casing the place
shit im afraid of me
a demon giving chase
so they should be, yes they should be
afraid of me

verse 1:
hey why you lookin shook up?
acting like theres drama ima cook up
im chillin like a push up
my life is on the look up
don't you worry
but its seeming like you took up apprehension in a hurry
you're the judge and the jury and the verdict is in
im loving how you worry bout whats lurking within
like im cursed for my sin
then again
maybe thats the proper diagnosis
but i aint focused on the side you chose to go with
six is in the house you can see it in my eyes
im a victim of your doubt and a product of your lies
thought up problems in your mind and manifested it
you fear came alive you seen me and then projected it
you wrestled with your terror but its not your cross to bear
maybe theres a reason cuz my demons got me scared
to be fair release your presumptions
cuz you aint actin right and i been wondering
why are they afraid of me

chorus x 2

verse 2:

so afraid
so afraid
i bet you sleeping with the lights on
in a brawl you just huddle in a ball till the fights gone
you're afraid of snake venom but im a python
try and find it but it doesn't exist like a dykes dong
its funny all these cats are on a team up
hating on me making moves yet trine catch a beam up
timid so they scheme up
im just puffin chiba
and laughing at them trine be us but they don't keep up
and fear is the only conclusion i can come to
it seems like them nightmares really come true
i run through and you act funny whats the deal guys?
you spitting real lies and it made me realize
that they afraid of me

Track Name: Keep Sleeping
aye fuck your 16
aye fuck your whole team
aye fuck your whole dream
bitch hoe dreams
they been trying to ignore me
but vie been on the town making it noisy
come to the party
fuck the majority
vie only started to shine ive been charging
man its alarming
y'all have been sleeping
im dealing in change and you settle for decent
shit, the scale is uneven
im sick with the fever im lost in the deep end
spitting them struggle cuts
its too cold they huddle up
this city is a ho with a bubble butt
and im just trying to get in where i fit in
im psycho
im liable
to go michael take your pick
take a hit
fuck the status quo im erasing it
puffin on a blunt getting faded
eating up a beat and never tasting it
this is my time just face it bitch
y'all must been smoking good good to sleep on me
im fuckin fire burning in the third degree
oh you aint heard of me?
well i heard of you
but that was last week bitch you're old news
and im that new new (cold like nu nu)

so go ahead and keep sleeping cause one day you'll wake up

verse 2:
and i done shook hand with every man
who says that he's spitting up in the 2-0
yeah i done cyphered with all of them lifers
and they were like damn can you flow
wouldn't know by the look
that i got all of them shook
mouth on my foot
foot in their mouth
thats what im bout
they're stealing my shine ill take them as crooks
fuck em
ill let em all talk
Shock G compared me to pac
ima have the west on lock
naw ima have the whole world rock
making a break and im taking the top
pace set to face melt work nonstop

hook x2
Track Name: Skyline feat. Ripynt
i could name a bunch of streets
from the town where i sleep
but that wouldn't do the skyline justice
our culture breaths
hearts beating on their sleeves
this scenes gonna blow
once she let me know where to bust it
and there aint no party
like the party right here
in the northwest

Lex Lingo:
if you love your city come on stand up
and bask in the rain get them hands up
the rap game infected with a cancer
and it seems the emerald city is the answer
i could have her tonight and she'll end up with you
its cool im intuitive there aint nuthin to it
tell her take that evergreen and it will get you high
say you seen a better chiba and you fuckin lied
we could grind all night and end on the beach
i teach freaks im a beast in the sheets yee
sippin ranier twisting on sweets
trippin on shrooms while im rollin on E
mac & jacks for me whiskey over rum
my only apparel is Swagger & young
no relationship i tag it then im done
call it retail back up on the shelf then i run
cuz this parties goin down and its 24/7
ready to ride with the engine revvin
ur man wanna be a square bear then let him
come out to the town and turn it up to eleven
you better find a new city if you taken it slow
we goon take it over yeah were ready to blow
wanna hit the next level then you know where to go
lets start the show


you don't think that im entitled
cuz i grew up to the north they wanna treat me like a rival
but ive been on the sidelines revved up and idle
with rifles aimed at your vitals ready to start whiling
i swear to god hand on the bible im not exaggerating
keeping me bottled is like asking for a disaster
waiting for the bottle to crack
ticking me off is like beefing with me while i hold the infinity gauntlet
i twist reality how i like it the words i write are like
messages from the heavens intercepted by satellites
i rep seattle by way of everett that borderline
went through the portal to fight other mothers like coraline
packing some sort of nine me and mine fortified
so if you treat us like some ragdolls im fitna roll with n9ne
get it? we're just ready for the apocalypse
when babylon falls ( yo Lex is his accomplice )
and we'll be raiding all the comic shops in gotham
with nuthin but some paper bag masks as a costume
suit and tie boots tied feelin awesome
with four quarter two zero six on our coffins
the battle for the top this is what its all about
the bigger they are the harder they gon fall down
the longer we ignored the harder we gon ball out
the skyline got a couple new stars now


hands high
if you got hella love for the city that you're from
hands high
even if you're going nuts drinking more than one cup
hands high
if you got hella love for the city that you from
hands high
cuz the spots still alive even when the sun comes up

Track Name: Captain Planet
first off bring the sonics back
took em from my city real shady and we on to that
see things are ass backwards
cowards on a creep up
everybody following so someones gotta speak up
im catching all my dreams and gripping them tight
cuz an honor that you've earned is remembered for life
and the temper is a price that i gotta pay
if i wanna see a day where i get away
cuz while life will try to get you down remember keep your chin up
and work for that island with a team full of pin ups
or that '63 nova with them cold chrome spinners
or a house for your family with a real warm dinner
see the media will feed you anything to make you vegetate
instead of holding dreams within your palm you only speculate
greatness is just around the corner you just gotta reach
ignore the negative lessons they teach
ive done evil but i speak the truth fluently
my mommas proud of the fuckin man i grew to be
and the two or three times i presume to breath
is two or three too times too many between you and me
ill wade through the sea
at my truest speed
cuz even all this sewage breeds beauty see
im a goon but i read
im entombed as i grieved
ive been groomed to believe
im consumed by my greed
call it avarice
call me Lex
i dont respond to threats
im bold with my life and i hold no regrets
im tryna be the best
at being myself so bet i aint stressed
ive been blessed by the good
cursed by the bad
but i would never change the life that ive had
and i would never change the city that i love
but im tryna change the world so its gotta be done
and ive always walked this path but ive started to run
no im never gonna stop my heart is beating with the drums
im a nerd and a scrub and my core is all grunge
my score is abundant
im hoarding funds its fun
yo im fuckin having a blast
ladies clapping they ass
man shit is happening fast
and the measure of a man is in fact not his cash
but the weight of his heart
and the way his art lasts
or maybe its the way that he inspires his peers
or how he never sleeps though he's been tired for years
but whatever however you measure its never clear
so ill light another blunt and ill drink another beer
im driving high on life and im swerving when i steer
connecting onstage yeah i thrive when you cheer
im alive when im here
and now ive had a taste
its a rush that i love that'll never be replaced
my crush is consuming like any addiction
life is all a game so im playing my position
i said i had faith
i aint saying im a christian
but i can stand the rain cuz it aint a new addition
and friction is familiar its been a bumpy trip
there aint no cakewalks when you've finished something big
and i was just a kid on the roof of my house
who dreamt about finally getting out
i would watch the skiy darken and as the stars shined
i would plot toward a way i could escape these hard times
and i haven't done it yet
never second guess myself
or i might end up like all the rest
their path shaped them but i carved mine
i got a large mind use it to my advantage
i got a battle plan that ill never abandon
and no im not a special case don't panic you can have it
the power is yours...just like captain planet
Track Name: Endgame (One Step at a Time)
at the end of the game
the king and the pawn go in the same box
it don't matter how you play
one day everything stops
so ill go on
one step at a time

verse 1:
theres this fierce storm on my brain and its driving me crazy
this game of thrones i play always trying to unchain me
swept up in the moment just trying to stay grounded
i been searching and i finally found it
so i put my best foot forward the road is so long
i wont place bets before it all goes down
theres beauty to behold don't waste it chasing crowns

hook 2:
just fly away
higher than they
could ever reach you
just look for the truth
the winds at your wings
so whatever you do

try not to lose control

verse 2:
i keep my mind and my wits sharp
even when the road gets a little bit dark
pools full of fish but im a big shark
things die slow but they get a quick start
i know nothing is permanent
but i know at some point that im sure to win
and the grin on my face says i cant be stopped
unless the beat drops

everything they say
they'd lead you astray
at the end of the game

hook 1

hook 2